Friday, 30 December 2016

Traditional Wedding Invitation Cards

Wedding is an important part of life when two hearts meet in the bond of love and dedication with each other. It is said that weddings are made in heaven. Wedding ceremony in India is the largest event that happens in someone's life. Everyone wants to make his or her wedding ceremony special. Many types of arrangements are to be done, like arrangement for food, venue, decorations, and many types of shopping for the bride and groom. Most important of them is inviting all the near and dear ones to be a part of their happiness. Inviting all friends and relatives in the marriage ceremony is very important part.
The Hindu weddings are absolutely unique in many aspects as compared to any other religion in the world, and same is the case with Hindu wedding cards. While most of other religions ignore the fact that a wedding card is the representative of their culture and religions, Hindu families have always been considering the invitation cards highly sacred and auspicious. The traditional types of wedding invitation cards are the most popular in Hindu families, which carry an impression of their culture and beliefs. Specially, the hand crafted cards are highly preferred, considering their personalized layout and design. In most of the prosperous families, the wedding card is distributed coupled with a small pack of sweets to spread cheers among friends and family members.

On the information front, these
wedding invitation cards somewhat similar to the cards of other parts of the world, containing detail like wedding venue, family and profile of bride and groom etc. However modern the society has become and whatever progress technology has made in the field of printing, still the scroll invitations are one of the most preferred invitations for marriage. Though modern means such as email, social networking sites, SMS and WhatsApp have to an extend helped people remind about the marriage ceremony but the invitations are still the most sought means of inviting guests.

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